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Bacteria Betty 26 7 miles from you Decayed and Disorderly
Dawn Dead 44 63 miles away Blood Sucker
Ratty Rebecca 25 76 miles away Scaring Small Children
Seymore Cutts 26 10 miles away Ravenously Reckless
Scarface Sam 23 54 miles away Generally Unstable
Coffin Carl 26 closing in on you Housewife's Choice
Boney Beth 26 12 miles from you Deathly Brittle
Rotting Richard 26 4 miles away Ravenously Reckless
Dismembered Derek 26 less than a mile away Reckless
Toothless Tracey 26 Over 100 miles away Bleached All Over
Ghastly Gary 26 less than a mile away Headstrong
Abbie Acid 26 9 miles away Decayed and Disorderly
Diseased Dan 26 Looking for blood Blood Sucker
Rob the Reaper 777 59 miles away Getting Stiffer
Groaning Gareth 26 6 miles away Rampaging
Jawbreaker Jenna 26 18 miles away Breathless
BloodLust Benjamin 26 coming around the corner Decayed and Disorderly
Fleshy Fred 26 Next door Dead and buried
Graveyard Betty 26 Right outside Blood Sucker
CutThroat Carla 26 Heading your way Jilted at the Altar
Pushing Up Daisy 26 8 miles away Brain Dead
Poison Paula 26 About to bang on your window Staring Vacantly
Skinless Sarah 26 2 miles away At the Blood Bank
Groaner Grace 26 within a mile of you Pale and Insipid
Disfigured Donna 26 5 miles away Prick Teasing
Steve Skull 26 20 miles away Decayed and Disorderly
Lifeless Larry 26 27 miles away Peeling Skin
Bloody Mary 26 Very close Blood Sucker
Putrid Paul 26 Closing Fast Munching on a rat
Fang 21 52 miles away Stitched Up