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There have been many great Zombie movies - think Night of the Living Dead and ZombieLand for starters. Great zombie movies often follow the genre of zombie comedy, an obvious example being Shaun of the Dead, or an apocalypse environment inhabited by zombies. Zombie movies are worth watching even if you are not zombie crazy. Find out more about zombie movies here.

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Zombie Dating

You have heard about it, well here it is - the site where you will find many zombies looking to find a new partner. Yes, this is the zombie dating site, where you will find the undead looking for a partner to share the after life together.

Do you really want to date a zombie? Don't be ridiculous. However if you could, you could rest easy knowing that a zombie would never cheat on you. They will play with your mind though. After they have eaten your brains, that is.

Zombies rock our world and we guess they rock yours too. Zombie dating can happen between zombie lovers, and you have clearly found the right site if you are into zombies. Here, at the Zombie Dating site, you will find a wide choice of genuine people looking for love with other zombie fans.


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Zombie Walk

A zombie walk is an organised public gathering of people who dress up as zombies, and yes you guessed it, walk as a zombie would. How does a zombie walk? Well, very slowly. Zombie walks are a fantastic spectacle, and you really should take part if you get the chance. Participants are encouraged to remain in character as zombies and to communicate only in a manner consistent with zombie behavior. This of course includes grunting, groaning and slurred, moaning calls for brains. Zombie walkers make their way around the streets to a public space (or a series of pubs in the case of a zombie pub crawl - or as some call it, crawls of the dead) in a somewhat orderly fashion, groaning as they lurch along. Find out more about zombie walks here.

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